Why “Bright Sports”?

The tagline on our window is “Running Stuff on the Bright Side”.  We believe what you do reflects what is inside of you.  We felt for so long that there was a lack of brightness out there in the world.  We saw only gray and black clothing, gloom-and-doom news, shadow governments, dark clouds, and a bad economy.  We wanted to bring to the world some brightness that is inside of us — bright colors, bright ideas, and a bright future!  Bright Sports is about good health, awesome friends, sunny days, and having fun and prosperous times.  

Our store is not only bright in color — from the shoes, socks, and apparel, down to the dog leashes/collars, toys, and even the water bowls — but it is a place where you can get bright ideas and talk with cheerful people.

Drop in for conversation about running, nutrition, honey bees, farming, cryptos, and more.  Dogs are welcome (and even most human children).  If you end up buying something, that’s okay too, but entirely optional.