This is a complete list of our running gear.  We carry top brands for all of your running needs (and your dog’s running needs too!)

We carry several models of Altra running shoes, the most important part of your running gear.  We urge you to try on a pair.  Once you get hooked, you will never want to go back!

Our Altra apparel is super light and comfortable!

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One of two awesome brands of running socks that we offer, Balega has a comfortable, stretchy sock in bright colors to match your own unique style.  They are made from American yarn.  We carry several models including Enduro, Silver, Hidden Comfort, and Blister Resist which has natural fibers.  High-quality socks are an important part of your running gear!

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Craft has top quality running clothes, with safety features such as bright colors and reflective tape.  The moisture wicking, ventilation, and freedom of movement give you miles of comfort.  The ladies’ running tanks have many beautiful styles and colors.  If you’re going to run, you might as well have comfort, safety, and style in your running gear!

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Feetures has a unique design, engineered anatomically for the right vs. left foot.  They have multiple compression zones for comfort and support. They also come with a lifetime guarantee!  We carry the Elite line including Ultra Light Cushion, Light Cushion, and Max Cushion.  We also have a knee-hi graduated compression sock.  Don’t forget the importance of good-fitting socks in your running gear!

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For those long training sessions and races, GU energy products can make a difference for maximum performance and hydration.  We carry Gel, Roctane Gel, Stroopwafel, and Chews in many different delicious flavors.  Add energy products to your collection of running gear!

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The ergonomically designed handheld bottles are what you need for a comfortable fit on those long, hot runs.  Our Mirage training paks and Zipsters are awesome for holding keys, phones, doggie waste bags, and other small accessories while training.  And don’t forget your strobe light for early mornings, late evenings, and low-visibility conditions!  Nathan has many products and accessories to add to your running gear!

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We are very excited about our latest line of running products, this time for your dog!  Ruffwear’s field-tested products are durable, attractive, and made to enhance your experience with your furry running partner.  We have beautiful brightly-colored harnesses, collars, and matching leashes.  And for those play times in-between runs and walks, our Ruffwear toys are made to be easily seen, and they float for hours of interaction on land or water.  These are a “must have” when it comes to running gear for dogs!

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Sedlak Farms

We love to share products from our own small farm.  Our honey is offered in a variety of attractive bottles, decorated for each new season.  We never use any kind of pesticides in our bee hives, or on our land, in an effort to keep our raw honey as close to nature as possible.  We have been blessed with a large harvest each summer, allowing us to keep honey in stock year-round.

In addition, this time of year our sweet hens are very busy and producing more eggs than we can eat.  If you’ve never had free-range eggs, you will enjoy the rich taste of the dark yolks.  We also have a variety of egg color, as we have many different breeds of chickens.  Want more information?  Just ask — we can talk about chickens all day!

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